Rising Stars History


Rising Stars was originally established nearly 15 years ago through the facilitation of developmental basketball camps and social programs for First Nation Youth in Quebec. In the years that followed, Rising Stars gradually expanded its influence to numerous other Aboriginal communities in the 'Far North' of Ontario and Quebec. Since these early days of existence, Rising Stars has experienced significant growth and diversification.  Through strategic development our organization has expanded through offering a greater variety of sports (Basketball, Fastball, Baseball, Football, Mixed Martial Arts), and now specializes in Performance Training (Speed, Agility, Quickness, & Core Strength) for athletes of all ages and skill levels. We are excited to be delivering our award winning camps, clinics, workshops, lessons, advanced performance, and athelete identification programs in a growing number of Aboriginal communities, and also in many urban facilities and community centres throughout the Southern Ontario region. We are currently in the process of expanding our operations to various communities across Canada.


Rising Stars continued to pursue a passion for youth development through the launch of our Education Division in 2006. Rising Stars Education Series is a collection of student-centered developmental programs, providing youth awareness, development, & empowerment programs, activities, and workshops through a unique and engaging framework that maximizes student participation and learning.  With continued success we have experienced planned, progressive, and responsible levels of growth. We are proud to be partnering with a growing list of schools and schools boards through devising and delivering school-based programs and supports for students in public and separate school boards across Ontario and Quebec.

Partner Services

Through strategic partnerships with like minded organizations and former high profile national or professional athletes and educators, Rising Stars has also diversified though new and exciting ventures and the establishment of a growing list of  partner services. The Rising Stars Group LLC is a network of companies that have combined to offer a variety of organizational and educational services and supports. As part of our ongoing commitment to find new and innovative opportunities for the promotion, success, and development of youth, we have continued to actively pursue partnerships and collaborations with like-minded organizations with a focus in student success.