Cree Nation Player I.D. Program

Our Commitment

Though many of our standard programs are offered on-reserve, we strongly believe that it is only through local empowerment and community-led initiatives that we can effectively promote the long-term development of First Nation’s athletes and sport! Our special programs are essentially designed to prepare aspiring aboriginal athletes, as well as those who indirectly support them, with the necessary sport specific and leadership skills to succeed.

All of our programs will strengthen the capacity to offer advanced programming that promises to assist in the successful development of competitive young athletes and coaches in the sport of softball, not only within the local community, but in the wider region.

Player I.D.

We are committed to providing First Nation’s athletes with the best possible environment and tools for training and development. As part of this commitment, we are organizing Advanced Regional Basketball Development Programs to assist aspiring young athletes and teams within selected areas in preparing for top level regional, provincial, and national competition.

In collaboration with local and regional authorities, Titus Channer and other former national basketball players & coaches, we have established the vision for a system of advanced training and development clinics that will produce some of the country’s best basketball talent. As part of this vision, we are committed to the continued implementation of our Player ID Program (PIP) in select regions.This innovative program promises to assist in preparing participating youth for top level local, regional, provincial, and national competition.