Program Format

We offer a number of flexible options for the scheduling and delivery of our programs. The lengths of our workshops are flexible, which allows simple and effective coordination with established routines and class schedules.

*After school and evening programs are also available.

SAMPLE CURRICULUM: Bounce Bullies Basketball (Elementary)

ActivityName of ActivityDescription
Activity #1 Playground Skit Program facilitators will re-enact a playground scene in order to demonstrate the importance of managing anger. Alternative scenarios will be presented to help youth understand the importance of sharing, while learning to avoid confrontation, and resolve conflict without violence.
Activity #2 Basketball Activity:
Add 'em Up!
Students are taught the fundamental skills of shooting a basketball. As a follow up activity to their learning they’ll face each other in a challenge.
Activity #3 Awareness Activity:
Find a Friend! Be a Friend!
Students will then be asked to find a partner (a friend) and repeat the challenge. This activity demonstrates the importance of friendship. The results will promote the power of numbers, and demonstrate how to help minimize bullying – BE a friend and/or FIND a friend!
Activity #4 Basketball Activity:
Ball Handling Skills
As a part of the SMART activity, facilitators will teach students the fundamental skills of dribbling and ball handling.
Activity #5 Awareness Activity:
Program facilitators will share the use of the acronym S.M.A.R.T. to help youth understand how to avoid and deal with bullying situations, should they arise. Participants will use and develop basketball skills while demonstrating their understanding.
Activity #6 Pledge This culminating activity will encourage individual and collective commitment to a bully free school. Students will read and sign a Bully Free Pledge that can be kept on file for future reference.