Extra-Curricular Engagement

Award and Reward

Engagement and Learning

We believe strongly in the importance of extra-curricular opportunities for engagement and learning.  We do our best to encourage  students to take advantage of opportunities that match both their interest and need. Participation in the arts, athletics, clubs, and community service projects, provide valuable experiences outside of the classroom. Each activity provides our students with ways to learn and develop positive associations, healthy interests, and important life skills.

Award and Reward

The L.E.A.D. Mentoring Program will annually recognize outstanding grade 10 students who excel in their level of participation in extra-curriculars. In order to qualify, students must participate in activities for a specific amount of time. Students will receive a template to document the many activities they are involved with, and monitor qualification for extra-curricular awards and recognitions that have been specially designed as part of the L.E.A.D. Mentor Program.