Program Process

We believe that mentoring & leadership programs are investments in the future, and benefit both mentor and mentee, equally.



Coordination Meetings

This series of meetings & planning sessions allows school administrators and staff the opportunity to provide the necessary input while we make the adjustments and individualize the program.

Selection of Mentor Leaders

Senior Student Mentors are like the glue that holds the LEAD Program together. In collaboration with the LEAD Team, Mentors will be involved in the planning, creation, and delivery of LEAD activities and events throughout the year. 

Mentor Training & Development

These interactive workshops are full of fun leadership and team building activities and assist students in the development of key skills and competencies required to effectively mentor new students.

Kickoff Event

The next step is a one-day kick-off event which is designed to orient Grade 10 students to the program, while encouraging and providing the opportunity for the establishment of positive group dynamics and introducing them to their mentors.

Social & Special Events

SSE activities are designed to actively engage students in a fun and social environment, while promoting the establishment of positive relations with their peers and mentors

Successful Living & Learning Campaigns

A unique and carefully crafted combination of awareness activities and workshops will be scheduled at select times throughout the program. Through participation in the activities, mentees will enhance knowledge and understanding while developing essential life skills in the process.

Additional Program Recommendations: Mentor Tutoring

The flexible nature of the LEAD program allows us to recommend and provide a variety of supports and resources , beyond the standard program components, and where and when students need them most.