Program Format

We offer a number of options for the scheduling and delivery of our programs. The lengths of our workshops are flexible, which allows simple and effective coordination with established school routines and class schedules.

Pillar of ParticipationActivityDescription
Take it out
Lego challenge
Since 94% of communication is nonverbal you can say a lot without saying anything at all. This activity will encourage the need to pay close attention to our body language and nonverbal expressions, as well as our words. Students will practice and develop their nonverbal communication skills through our unique, challenging Lego activity.
Create Challenge
Anti-bully cheer competition
This activity will challenge students to work together toward a common goal while being creative and having fun. The facilitator will lead an introductory review/discussion of what constitutes bullying and how students can address the issue, and then facilitate the student-led creative process and competition of the anti-bully cheer. Cheers will then be performed for peers at an interactive and multimedia-rich closing assembly.
The apple cries
This activity is designed to give a strong visual image to students about the effects of negative words and actions. Students will learn that we often do not see the damage we cause when we say or do hurtful things, but the damage is there. The old rhyme ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me” is really not accurate.  
Don't just stand there
Bounce Bullies Basketball
Bounce Bullies Basketball is a unique workshop designed to raise awareness about bullying through the creative integration of basketball skills and drills. Students participate and have fun, while enhancing knowledge and understanding of bullying and developing life skills to assist them in addressing the issue.

SAMPLE CURRICULUM: Youth awareness and empowerment program