What is Youth Awareness?


What We Do

Active Learning
Develop Life Skills
Unique and Engaging Activities
Enhanced Resilience
Issues Awareness
Classroom-based Activities
Extracurricular Programs
Awareness Campaigns
Individual Workshops

In recognizing the importance of being proactive in addressing the issues that students, schools and communities are continually confronted with, our interactive and engaging Youth Awareness Activities empower students with the life skills to address the most prominent, age-appropriate challenges they will face through their healthy growth and development.


Our Youth Awareness Program is a collection of unique activities, workshops, assemblies, and programs designed to raise awareness through active learning and the creative integration of arts,
leadership, service, and athletics activities.

Our extra-curricular and classroom based activities are carefully integrated with interactive awareness education. We take pride in the immediate and measurable differences accomplished through our innovative approach to youth awareness and empowerment.


The following topics have been
carefully selected and each can
be chosen as the theme for our
activities, workshops and events:

Drug and Alcohol Awareness
Mental Health
Wellness - Mind, Body and Spirit
Healthy Relationships
Gang and Violence Reduction
Aboriginal Awareness
Cultural Connections