Basketball Development

What's Happening
Bantam A Hockey Dryland - Brantford Fall/Winter 2016/2017
PeeWee A Hockey Dryland - Brantford Fall/Winter 2016/2017
Lil Stars Soccer - Holy Name of Jesus
October 18, 2016
Lil Stars Basketball - St. Brigid
October 18, 2016
Lil Stars Basketball - Six Nations
October 12, 2016
Lil Stars Soccer - St. Lawrence
October 13, 2016
Lil Stars Basketball - St. Patrick
October 19, 2016
St. Brigid Multi Sport - October-December 2016
St. Luke Multi Sport - October-December 2016
Six Nations Softball/Baseball Lil Stars - Ohsweken Winter 2016
Winter 2016
St. Patrick Defending Differences Train the Trainer -
Winter 2016
St. Agnes Defending Differences Train the Trainer -
Winter/Spring 2016
Celtic Gold Softball Training - Milton - 16 Weeks - Wednesday's 8-10pm
Fall/Winter 2016
Brantford Novice Black Winter Training -
Winter/Spring 2016
Novice Red Rising Stars Hitting Training - Brantford
Winter/Spring 2016
Bantam Boys Team Training Hitting - Brantford
Winter/Spring 2016
Summer Program TBA -


RISING STARS will help you improve all aspects of your game.  
We offer camps, clinics, workshops, private lessons, and training programs for anyone and everyone regardless of age, gender, skill level, or athletic abilities and goals.

lquote.pngEarly Identification & Progressive Developmental Training is vital for young athletes with dreams of competing and playing regionally, nationally, and internationally and at the elite level.rquote.png

Titus Channer – Director Basketball Development

What We Do

Elite Instruction and Coaching
Age and Skill Appropriate Development
Fundamental Focus and Physical Refinement
Athletic Skills Development
Challenging and Fun Skills and Drills
Advanced Training and Protocols
Sport Specific Testing and Assessment
Sport and Leadership

Basketball Training Programs

We offer programs and training at both the fundamental and elite levels

Fundamental TrainingElite Training
All skills and drills are 
designed to focus on improving
basketball foundations
More advanced and challenging
programs and clinics for the
conditioned and competetive athlete
Develop proper mechanics
Improve range and consistency
Learn ball control
Dribble with confidence and control
Win with position and stance
Control the boards
Demonstrate defensive control
Become a tenacious defender
Enhance pass selection and confidence
Move the ball to teammates with pinpoint accuracy