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Youth Awareness and Empowerment


The Rising Stars Education Series is a collection of student-centered developmental programs. We offer youth awareness and empowerment activities and workshops through a unique and engaging framework for student participation and learning.


Our Philosophy

In order to fully realize youth’s potential for success, schools and communities must use every opportunity to educate and develop youth to the fullest. Active learning experiences provide unique opportunities for valuable lessons that will last a lifetime. These experiences play a direct and influential role in shaping the interests, skills, and habits of youth. Rising Stars believes that it is both the school and community’s responsibility to foster a supportive and motivating environment to make this possible.

Our Commitment

Working with school and community leaders, Rising Stars professional staff will assess need and devise unique and integrated plans for student and staff development, awareness, and empowerment. Rising Stars will support and promote the present and future well-being of youth through innovative programs, services and community partnerships. We are committed to assisting in the development of resilient individuals with a strong sense of purpose.

lquote.pngThe idea of educating the TOTAL STUDENT and developing the COMPLETE LEADER is that through active participation, youth will develop essential life skills and be better prepared for successful living and learning beyond the classroom.rquote.png

Dr. Andrew Peters, Founder

What's Happening
St Brigid Abacus Program -
Fall/Winter/Spring 2016-2017
St. Patrick Abacus Program -
Fall/Winter/Spring 2016-2017
Holy Name of Jesus Abacus Program -
Fall/Winter/Spring 2016-2017
St. Lawrence Abacus Program -
Fall/Winter/Spring 2016-2017
Campion GPP Empowerment Training #1 - Brampton
October 18, 2016
STA Gr. 9 Life Skills Through Sport - Run the Right Way - Brampton
October 19, 2016
Abacus Gr. 7 Academic Extension - St. Lawrence
October 24, 2016
Abacus Gr. 7 Academic Extension - Holy Name of Jesus
October 17, 2016
A-Team Meeting - T.A. Blakelock
November 3, 2016
Mount Carmel Alt. Ed. Workshop -
Winter 2016
Cardinal Newman Boys Night with 9 time Canadian MMA Champion - Mark Hominick -
Winter 2016
Summer Program TBA -