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Through strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations and former high profile national or professional athletes and educators, Rising Stars continues to diversify though new and exciting ventures and the establishment of a growing list of services. The Rising Stars Group is a network of companies that are in the process of combining to offer a variety of organizational and educational services and supports. As part of our ongoing commitment to find new and innovative opportunities for the promotion, success, and development of youth, schools, organizations and communities, we will continue to develop complimenting products and services.

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Advanced Consulting Services


Advanced Consulting Services provides strategic counsel to individuals, organizations, corporations, and communities in the areas of leadership development, education, strategic planning, change management, organizational restructuring, governance, capacity and community building. 

We understand the essential role of a consultant and/or facilitator in today's world and can provide your group with the highest quality process and experience that promises to help make related decisions, meetings, and workshops as effective and productive as possible. Whether there is a complex challenge to address, involving controversial or delicate issues, or people and situations that may be difficult to deal with, we have identified effective processes for virtually every scenario and can adapt these to any circumstances, while building consensus and successfully accomplishing the task at hand.

For more information:
Email: acs@riseabovetherest.ca
Toll free: 1-866-308-9820 ext. 101

Video and Recruiting Services

fb.pngIt is both our passion and privilege to support talented and committed student-athletes with aspirations of pursuing a Post Secondary education, while utilizing sport as a vehicle to accomplish their goals. Our unique combination of recruiting services and supports are far superior, and promise to help make your recruiting process a positive and successful experience.

We strongly believe that far too many Canadian athletes forfeit U.S. scholarship opportunities, simply due to a lack of basic knowledge and experience in the recruiting process. Our team of professionals in education, certified teachers, sport specific instructors, experienced athletes, & advanced coaches are committed to assisting young athletes and families in becoming both aware and prepared to maximize scholarship opportunities. We are eager to help youth realize their dreams though sport and education.

For more information:
Email: recruit@riseabovetherest.ca
Toll Free: 1-866-308-9820 ext. 106