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Identifying Needs, Developing Solutions, Facilitating Change

We support individuals, organizations, corporations, and Indigenous communities in the areas of:
Education, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Advancement, and Development.


What We Do

Through RAISING AWARENESS and EMPOWERING participants using a carefully selected series of EXPERIENTIAL CHALLENGES , we are committed to helping students become BALANCED LEADERS, prepared with the LIFE SKILLS to LEAD AND SUCCEED as positive and contributing community members.


Chart Your Course


Empower Positive Change


Develop Cohesive Teams


Efficiency, Accountability, Synergy

We are committed to working with our growing list of clients in devising innovative solutions that creatively address expressed and/or assessed need.

Dr. Andrew PetersManaging Director


An organization’s strategy for sustained growth and development involves evaluating and assessing current environments, protocols, procedures, processes, perceptions, ideas, and beliefs, and using this collection of information in strategically planning for more effective operations and management. Necessary changes very often require greater accountability, can lead to improved efficiency in processes and protocols, and ultimately result in ongoing and sustainable success in achieving established departmental goals and community objectives.

A good consultant/facilitator will:


Leadership is a powerful tool that often results in competitive advantages. We believe that intentional training and development provides unique and valuable opportunities to enhance and refine leadership competencies. We also believe that part of a responsible organizational culture in any community should be leadership development for competition and beyond.

In close consultation with designated authorities, our team will devise an individualized and integrated plan for leadership development that allows for the active engagement and involvement of staff, membership, and/or community stakeholders in the process of a special series of carefully planned activities that promise to support organizational goals and objectives. Standard meetings and plans can be complimented by our special events, interactive workshops, and/or engaging community forums, and in combination, are guaranteed to build strong teams and help prepare participants for the variety of opportunities to effectively lead at the organizational, and community levels. 

There are a variety of definitions for leadership:


Team-building can often be considered one of the most important challenges in an organization’s long term development and success, yet so many stakeholders express dissatisfaction, and even frustration with their past experiences in this regard. We believe the right facilitator can make all the difference in the world!

Our team-building activities help promote positive, healthy and active organizations, while maximizing leadership skills and competencies trough a focus on soft skills, while building community and capacity. Participants will be engaged in the process, and creatively encouraged to establish and maintain the positive connections. Through participation in this program, registrants will be actively & effectively engaged in the process of their personal and professional development, and can immediately apply what they learn in the organizational setting and beyond!

Our creative collection of Team-building activities and challenges will:


We understand the essential role of a facilitator in today’s world, and can provide your group with the highest quality process and experience that promises to help make your strategic planning and corporate restructuring sessions as effective and productive as possible. Whether it is a cohesive and cooperative group, or a reluctant and dysfunctional team, we have identified effective workshops, activities, & processes for virtually every scenario, and can adapt our programs to any circumstances, while building consensus and successfully accomplishing the task at hand.

There are a variety of definitions for a Facilitator:



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