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Unleashing the Fun: Best Practices for Creating an Engaging Summer Sports Camp for Youth

Welcome to the ultimate guide on creating an unforgettable summer sports camp experience for youth! With the warm weather and energetic spirits of summer, sports camps provide an excellent opportunity for young athletes to develop their skills, foster teamwork, and have a blast. In this article, we will explore the best practices to ensure your summer sports camp is not only fun and engaging but also leaves a lasting impact on participants. Let’s dive in!

I. Crafting the Perfect Theme: Igniting Excitement from Day One

Choosing a Captivating Theme:
Selecting a theme that resonates with your target audience can generate excitement and anticipation among participants. For example, a theme like “Olympic Dreams” can inspire young athletes to aim high and embrace the spirit of friendly competition.

Incorporating the Theme in Marketing and Camp Materials:
Extend the theme to your camp’s marketing materials, including the website, brochures, and registration forms. Use vibrant visuals, catchy slogans, and themed designs to create a cohesive brand identity that captures the essence of your camp.

Creating a Memorable Opening Ceremony:
Kickstart your camp with a grand opening ceremony that aligns with the theme. Involve participants in a torch relay, flag-raising ceremony, or special guest appearances. This sets the tone for an exciting and memorable camp experience.

II. Planning Engaging Activities: Fueling Passion for Sports

Offering a Diverse Range of Sports:
Provide a variety of sports activities to cater to different interests and skill levels. Include traditional sports like soccer, basketball, and swimming, as well as unique options like archery or rock climbing. This allows participants to explore new sports and discover their passions.

Structuring Skill Development Sessions:
Devote dedicated time to skill-building sessions where participants can learn and improve their techniques. Have experienced coaches and instructors guide them through drills, practices, and personalized feedback, ensuring continuous development throughout the camp.

Organizing Friendly Competitions and Tournaments:
Organize friendly competitions and tournaments within the camp to foster healthy competition and teamwork. Encourage fair play, emphasize sportsmanship, and celebrate achievements. This creates a sense of camaraderie and motivates participants to push their limits.

Introducing Unique and Alternative Sports:
Incorporate lesser-known or alternative sports to introduce participants to new experiences. For instance, introduce them to Ultimate Frisbee, skateboarding, or parkour. These unconventional activities can spark excitement and provide a fresh perspective on sports.

III. Embracing Fun and Team-Building Exercises: Fostering Camaraderie

Incorporating Ice Breakers and Team-Building Games:
Begin each day with ice breakers and team-building games to create a positive and inclusive atmosphere. These activities help participants get to know each other, build friendships, and foster a sense of belonging within the camp community.

Promoting Collaboration and Communication:
Design activities that require teamwork, collaboration, and effective communication. Group challenges like relay races or building a collective art project encourage participants to work together, solve problems, and develop essential life skills beyond sports.

Celebrating Achievements and Encouraging Sportsmanship:
Acknowledge and celebrate individual and team achievements throughout the camp. Recognize exceptional performances, effort, and sportsmanship. Encourage participants to support and cheer for their fellow campers, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.

IV. Ensuring Safety First: Protecting Participants and Creating Peace of Mind

Conducting Thorough Risk Assessments:
Prioritize the safety of participants by conducting thorough risk assessments of the camp facilities, equipment, and activities. Identify potential hazards, develop safety protocols, and ensure all staff members are trained in emergency procedures.

Implementing Emergency Protocols and First Aid Training:
Establish emergency protocols that outline steps to be taken in case of injuries, accidents, or emergencies. Train all staff members in first aid and CPR to ensure they can provide immediate assistance when needed. Maintain well-stocked first aid kits and have clear communication channels to contact emergency services if required.

Hiring Qualified and Certified Coaches and Staff:
Ensure that your camp is staffed with qualified coaches and instructors who possess the necessary certifications and experience in their respective sports. Background checks and screening processes should be implemented to ensure the safety and well-being of participants. Qualified staff members contribute to a positive and enriching camp experience.

V. Creating a Welcoming Environment: Nurturing Inclusivity and Belonging

Emphasizing Inclusion and Diversity:
Create an inclusive environment where all participants feel welcome, regardless of their background, skill level, or gender. Foster an atmosphere that celebrates diversity, promotes equality, and encourages mutual respect among participants.

Establishing Anti-Bullying Policies and Procedures:
Implement clear anti-bullying policies that outline zero tolerance for bullying, harassment, or any form of disrespectful behavior. Educate participants and staff on these policies, and have effective reporting mechanisms in place to address any concerns promptly and confidentially.

Encouraging Positive Reinforcement and Supportive Atmosphere:
Promote positive reinforcement by recognizing and praising individual and team efforts. Encourage participants to support and encourage each other, fostering a supportive and motivating atmosphere where everyone feels valued and encouraged to excel.

VI. Capturing Memories: Showcasing the Camp Experience

Creating a Camp Yearbook or Photo Album:
Design a camp yearbook or photo album that captures the memorable moments, achievements, and camaraderie experienced during the camp. Include photos, quotes, and personal stories to provide a lasting keepsake for participants and their families.

Engaging Parents through Newsletters and Updates:
Keep parents informed about camp activities, progress, and upcoming events through regular newsletters or email updates. Share camp highlights, testimonials, and insights into their child’s experiences, strengthening the bond between the camp and families.

VII. Feedback and Continuous Improvement: Building on Success

Collecting Participant and Parent Feedback:
Gather feedback from participants and their parents through surveys or feedback forms. Encourage honest opinions about their camp experience, including strengths, areas for improvement, and suggestions for future enhancements. Use this valuable feedback to enhance future camp offerings.

Conducting Staff Debriefing and Evaluation:
Hold staff debriefing sessions to discuss their experiences, challenges, and successes during the camp. Encourage open communication and constructive feedback to identify areas where improvements can be made. Use this evaluation process to refine staff training and development for future camps.

Incorporating Feedback for Future Camps:
Utilize the feedback received from participants, parents, and staff to enhance future camp programs. Address any concerns or suggestions raised and implement necessary changes to continually improve the camp experience and exceed expectations.

By following these best practices, you can create a summer sports camp that not only fosters skill development and physical activity but also cultivates camaraderie, inclusivity, and lasting memories. Remember, a well-planned camp with a captivating theme, engaging activities, a supportive environment, and a focus on safety will leave a lasting impact on the youth who participate. Embrace the opportunity to provide them with a fun and transformative experience that ignites their passion for sports and creates a foundation for lifelong friendships.

Now, get ready to unleash the fun and create an unforgettable summer sports camp for the youth in your community!

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Camp Play & Learn will engage children, from Kindergarten to Grade Three, in healthy activities and physical literacy as they build fundamental movements skills and develop the foundations for healthy active living. 

Camp PLAY & Learn will inspire foundational learning skills through FUNdamental movements. Children will be actively engaged in movement related activities and challenges as they develop physical literacy and move confidently, competently, creatively and strategically across a wide range of health-related physical activities. The program will support youth in foundational skills as they explore athletic foundations and learn to make healthy, active choices that are both beneficial to and respectful of their whole self, others, and their environment.

Camp PLAY & Learn will creatively engage children in the various styles of play (physical or intellectual, structured or unstructured). Children will be encouraged to learn by following their own instincts, ideas, and interests. Each carefully selected sequence of activities will facilitate the development of social and emotional competencies such as empathy, problem-solving, emotional regulation, and other foundational learning skills.

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TIMING: 9:00am-3:00pm

LOCATION : Hamilton, Ontario (East Hamilton – Stoney Creek Mountain)

Rising Stars


RS Technical Director

Brock University, NCCP Level III


*Soccer Development
*Sport Promotion


RS Technical Director – Athletics

Waterloo University, BA

Lakehead University B.Ed, M. Ed

NCAA: Referee/Official

High Five: Principles of Healthy Child Development
Sport for Life: Physical Literacy for Early Childhood


RS Regional Director – Athletics & Education

Waterloo University, BA
Lakehead University B.Ed, M. Ed

NCAA: Referee/Official
High Five: Principles of Healthy Child Development
Sport for Life: Physical Literacy for Early Childhood


Sport Development 
Youth Development


RS Technical Director – Play & Recess

NCCP: Coaches Physical Literacy Training


Play & Recreation
Recess Programming

High Five: Principles of Healthy Child Development
Sport for Life: Physical Literacy Instructor Program
Sport for Life: Physical Literacy for Early Childhood
Member of the US Play Coalition (Since 2011)
Founder of the Canadian Play Network
Creator of the PlanetPlay Stencil line


Regional Director

Lakehead University, B.A.
University of Newcastle – Australia, B.Ed
Specialist PE & Health


*Indigenous Education
*Youth & Sport Development

As a Regional Director with Rising Stars, Matt coordinates and facilitates various programs across both our athletics and education divisions. He currently serves as the Director of Rising Stars Basketball Academy Six Nations.

Matt King grew up as an all star athlete. He played NAIG for Team Ontario, and represented Ontario at National Aboriginal basketball camp, where he was selected MVP. Matt competed as a varsity athlete for the Mens Basketball Team at Laurier and Lakehead Universities, and went on to coach U Sport at both Lakehead and Guelph. Matt continued his education and began a professional career as a certified teacher. After ten years of dedicated service as a teacher, coach and Athletic Director (Chair) with the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board, Matt embarked on a new professional adventure, while continuing to compete in triathlons and Iron-Man races. As a Regional Director with Rising Stars, Matt coordinates and facilitates various programs across both our athletics and education divisions. Matt specializes in facilitating programs and instruction for youth, students, and athletes, both on and off reserve. He currently serves as the Director of Rising Stars Basketball Academy – Six Nations.


RS Associate Director

Laurier University, B.A.
Queensland University of Technology – Australia, B.Ed,


*Basketball Development
*Indigenous Education

As an Associate Director at Rising Stars, Dee coordinates programs both in the athletics and education divisions in support of youth, students, and athletes, both on and off reserves.

Delicia Channer competed as a varsity athlete for Laurier University Women’s Basketball Team, where she was the team captain and a division all star. Dee continued her education and began a professional career as a certified teacher. Dee now serves as an Associate Director with Rising Stars. She is a LEAD Facilitator for Indigenous projects, programs, and services. In this role, Dee facilities creative programs and workshops that promote Indigenous awareness and empowerment. As Rising Stars most Senior Programs Instructor & Facilitator, Dee coordinates programs in both the athletics and education divisions. Dee specializes in facilitating programs and instruction for youth, students, and athletes, both on and off reserve. She currently serves as the Head Coach for the Conestoga College Women’s Basketball team.


Senior Vice President, Director of Programs

Spring Arbor University, BSc Concurrent Education
Specialist Sport Science


* Female Empowerment
* Sport Development

As the Senior Vice President at Rising Stars Athletics & Education, Erin serves as the General Manager of the Education Division. Erin facilitates Advanced Programs and Instruction for administrators, coaches, and teachers. Erin develops and designs programs and curriculum for student engagement and athlete development.

Erin Forman is former member of both Softball Canada’s National team program and Baseball Canada’s National Team. She played in the 2004 Women’s World Series in Japan, and the 2006 World Cup in Taipei. Erin was named All American, All Conference, and Player of the Year, while playing on a U.S. Softball Scholarship. She was recently  inducted into the hall of fame for her achievements in sport. Though Erin’s sport specific bio clearly demonstrates an extensive combination of all around athleticism and personal achievement in softball that very few athletes can claim, equally impressive is her continued commitment to helping others achieve their goals through sport and education in her professional endeavours. Erin serves as role model in her trade and community. She demonstrates an unwavering commitment to making positive differences in the lives of others.

Erin continues to use sport as a vehicle to empower others in the work she does in coaching, and also in her professional endeavours. As a founding partner and Director of Softball Development at Rising Stars, Erin has become one of the most highly sought teachers and coaches of the game. Erin is on the cutting edge of instructional techniques, tools, and theories for optimal development. She has worked with countless local and regional athletes, supporting aspiring student-athletes as they continue in their positive development and successfully pursue opportunities to play college or university ball in Canada, and/or secure U.S. softball scholarships, with many advancing to become provincial and national calibre softball players.


Founding Partner, President & Chair

McMaster University, B.A., M.A
University of Western Ontario – Ph.D


*Leadership & Empowerment
*Youth & Community Development

As the original Founding Partner of what would eventually become the Rising Stars Group of companies, Dr Peters has been instrumental in the continued expansion and reach of positive sport, youth, and community development programs and special projects.

From early beginnings as a competitive student athlete in the Hamilton region, and many local achievements and recognitions at the secondary level, Dr Peters went on to compete as a varsity athlete for McMaster University, winning numerous regional, provincial and national medals as a member of the Men’s Basketball Team. Dr Peters earned both a B.A., and M.A. at McMaster University, and went on to acquire a teaching certificate from D’Youville College, and a Ph.D. at the University of Western Ontario. These formative years laid the foundation for what would eventually become Rising Stars Athletics and Education.

He continues to serve as the conglomerate’s most senior executive, with 25 years of success in youth and community development through athletics and education. He continues to leverage his passion and extensive experience to engage youth and community in a positive and healthy development.

Dr. Peters devotes his time and energy to creating and partnering with stakeholders in the facilitation of innovative student and athlete development programs. Through strategic partnerships with national, professional, and elite athletes, coaches, sport science professionals, and educators, Dr Peters continues to collaborate with local organizations and expand through offering a variety of programs designed specifically for the benefit of athletes, students, schools, and communities.